Address attached to my Ring account is wrong, but will not let me use my address

When I set up the address associated with my ring account it will only let me select a different address up the street no matter how many times I “edit” and manually enter it. This is not a new address as the home was built in 1927. There is another house at "14 West XX Street up the street and mine is simply “14 XX Street”, but it will not let me use this address! Incredbily frustrating given that if emergency services needed to be dispatched they would not even end up at my house!

Hi @jwygal13. The addresses that it pulls from will be addresses that have been verified with USPS. Have you recently had the house built, or is it not registered with USPS? If you still cannot get the address inputted and you have it verified with USPS (you’ve gotten mail from USPS), please reach out to our support team here for further assistance!