Additional Cameras Not Registering

I have a Ring Doorbell as well as TWO indoor cameras. When I log in to my Ring dashboard, it says “Active Cameras: 1”, right above the pictures from three different cameras. I get that the doorbell might not count, but I don’t get why the other 2 cameras don’t register. If I go to “Devices”, I see both cameras listed under “Security Cameras”. I can’t tell anything different between the two other than the first one I installed shows up and the second one I installed doesn’t.

Furthermore, and really the main problem I’m trying to figure out, when changing MODE settings, there’s an option for what the cameras do in each mode, but only one of my indoor cameras is listed to change the settings on. The second camera just isn’t there. Is there some sort of limitation with the alarm that it can only handle a single camera in mode settings?

Thank you!

Glad you asked @bodie! This should not be happening. As long as your devices are successfully setup under the same account in your Ring app, and connected to your home wifi network, they should certainly be available and responsive to features such as modes.

I recommend checking your locations in the Ring app to ensure these Cameras did not get placed under a different location. The settings in your Ring app will help you delete and reconcile locations if this is the case.

If this concern persists, feel free to include a screen shot of the error for the best next recommendations. :slight_smile:

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Hi Marley,

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the issue. I only have one location. I went into the device settings and verified it was in the right location and re-saved it in case that triggered something. No dice.

Screenshots attached where you can see the two cameras in my device list, but only one camera in the mode settings.

Okay, I fixed it. I clicked the button in the app to “disable mode settings for camera”, then I clicked “enable mode settings for camera” to turn it back on, and now all of my cameras are listed. Pretty sure that’s a bug. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing this experience with us, and your solution! We very much value our neighbors feedback, and are always working to improve our products. Glad to see you’ve obtained to intended functionality in the Ring app. I’ll be sure to share this instance with our teams here! :slight_smile: