Additional alarm on single system

I have a system in my single residence home. I have one room, one motion and one window monitor, that I’d like to arm separately. I’d also like to be able to arm that room with the rest of the house. Possible?

Hi @Whodey247. Are you trying to arm a specific sensor, or a specific set of sensors while the others are not armed? With the Ring Alarm system, you can select which sensors are monitored in each mode via the Mode settings found in the Ring App > Main Menu > Settings > Modes. After selecting a mode, you can tap on Sensors and choose which sensors you’d like to have monitored when your Alarm System is in that particular mode. If a sensor is not monitored, it will not trigger the alarm if the sensor itself its triggered.

With that said, there’s not a way to arm a specific sensor while leaving the rest of the system disarmed. You would need to swap around which sensors are and are not monitored in order to have it so only certain sensors trigger the alarm while the others do not. I hope this information is helpful! :slight_smile: