Additional alarm in uk, e.g. Dome siren

I use my ring alarm system to protect a garden studio, and would like some loud sound from within the studio to try to scare off an intruder. They won’t hear the alarm going off in the house.

I see that in the US you can get additional alarms called Dome sirens. When are these (or similar) going to be available in the UK. Or can you think of another way of doing this (apart from buying another external alarm). E.g. can Ring be programmed to trigger some 3rd party device via some kind of scripting, or ITTT or whatever?

Hi @petebeech. The Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren may be a good fit for the garden studio if you’re able to install it on the studio itself. The Outdoor Siren has multiple battery and hardwired power options to choose from for your convenience, and you can set them up in any order. If you plan to use the Dusk to Dawn light setting, you must have more than one power source. You can find the hardwiring instructions for the Outdoor Siren here, and more information on which power sources are available for it here. I hope this information is helpful! :slight_smile:

Thanks, however I was hoping to avoid another external alarm, 1) because of cost and 2) it would be easily removed. If I went down that route I would have it inside the studio. I just wanted to have an internal alarm which sounded when they triggered it, even if I had to just script something myself, but not even sure if you can script anything like that with the Ring system?

Are there any plans to have something similar to the Dome alarms in the UK? I assumed this would all be easy, but should have checked before buying into this!

@petebeech We do not have any information on future product releases or updates. You’ll have to keep an eye on for when new products are released. Whenever we receive information on new devices or feature updates, we’ll post about it in applicable threads.