Adding stick up cam

I have a ring smart light floodlighting outside in the middle of our garage facing the street. I’m gonna add a stick up cam and was wondering what is the best position to place the camera? Should I place it above the floodlight or below it? I’m not sure how it affects the quality and was wondering how if anyone can advise. Thanks

Hi @Adviner. We have a great Community post that discusses different placement options for your cams. Since you already have a floodlight in place, it may be best to place a Stick-Up Cam to the left, or right, of the Floodlight. Placing it above or below, could potentially conflict with the motion detection of both units. I hope this information helps!

My camera goes offline constantly even with a wifi extender close by. Do I need to return my camera?

Hi @Gumby1979. What is the RSSI of your device. This Community post about RSSI will explain the importance of this value and how it relates to your camera. This is the most common cause for a device not performing as it should. I hope this helps!