Adding smoke detector to detached garage

I just received a new Ring security system (but the one that does Not have Eero Wi-Fi), and I’m wanting to add smoke detectors (and possibly door sensors) on a detached garage/metal building that’s 20 feet away. I’m wondering if the range extenders can daisy chain to connect inside that building, or can only one broadcast from my main home? (I also have a ring doorbell chime range extender). That building does have Wi-Fi that’s broadcast from our house by a Wireless Bridge (PoE Adapter, 2 RJ45 LAN Ethernet Port). Any advice before I order the Ring smoke detectors? Or should I return my system and get the one with Eero Wi-Fi? Thanks

Hi @Rg7760. I would not recommend using the Smoke and CO Detectors or Contact Sensors in your detached metal garage. Although the Alarm Range Extenders can be daisy chained up to three times, metal can reduce Z-Wave signal strength by up to 80-90%. The Smoke and CO Detectors and Contact Sensors would have a tough time staying connected to the Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro.