Adding Ring Video Doorbell Wired to existing 1st gen Ring Video Doorbell

We have a 1st gen Ring doorbell hardwired to the existing doorbell at our front door. We are looking at getting another Ring for the back door which still has the existing doorbell. Both doors use the same chime and transformer. I’ve not been able to find any information on whether you can mix a wired Ring with a hardwired battery Ring on the same 40VA doorbell transformer. Has anyone tried this?

Hi @user29598. You should be able to use both types of Doorbells wired into the same transformer, as long as the transformer can handle both devices. We have this Help Center article here with examples of wiring diagrams for a Doorbell Pro, and the first one shows an installation using both types of Doorbells. If you are not comfortable doing the installation or need further assistance with hardwiring your Doorbells, I strongly recommend consulting a qualified electrician.