Adding new location causes existing location billing rates to increase!

I had an existing camera at one location with $39.99 annual rate until mid December. I added a new location, which is now the higher $49.99 annual rate. I received a email from Ring saying that my billing had been prorated to $42.74 to align the billing dates for the 2 locations.

But 240 days/365 days = 0.65. which would be $32.87. Basically, $10 has disappeared.

It turns out that if you add another location, Ring refunds the remaining balance on existing installations at the old $39.99 rate, and then prorates the new balance at the higher $49.99 rate, essentially up charging any existing install. As of April 16th, this is $10 system.

I complained to Ring support and after some convincing and calculations, got my $10 back. But this IMO is a punitive up charge existing accounts and demonstrates complete lack of integrity by the billing department.