Adding Dome Siren to Ring

Trying to add a Neo Z-Wave compatible siren as per. instructions here -

It mentions adding the Dome Siren in the Security Device -> Siren section. I do not have this option in my menu. I have ‘Works With Ring’ and all other options for security devices. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @deano999. Which siren do you have? This is the siren that is compatiable with the Ring Alarm system and is what the article you referenced is helping describe to be added! Please note that you do need a Ring Alarm system in order to set up the siren as long as you have the compatiable one with you, be logged into the owner’s account, and it will look like this under Security Devices. Hope this helps!

Thanks so much for your response! The attached is what I get in the menu.

@deano999 I should’ve asked this first so I apologize! But are you in the US/Canada or outside of the US/Canada? The Dome Siren that we sell on our website is for the US/Canada only Base Station, as it’s on a different z-wave frequency than the one we have recently sold in the UK, and this may be what you’re running into. Let me know!