Adding devices to Ring Alarm with Protect Plus

We have had our Ring Alarm installed for some time, and have added devices to it since initial installation.
When it was first installed, we had the benefit of a free-trial period (1 month) of Ring Protect, to which i have subscribed to, and paid from month 2.

When addidng small devices like contact or motion sensors, i never gave it any thought, but i have now purchased a Floodlight Cam Wired Plus, and will be adding it to my set up, reading the blurb that comes with it, if i were to have purchased it as a non subscriber, i would get 1 month Ring Protect free, however adding to an existing system and subscription, it appears that it is covered, and no free period benefit.

Is this right?

Apologies if this has been asked/answered in the past, butni havent found the answer by searching precious posts.

If you have a paid Ring alarm subscription you can add cameras to it for no charge.
You might want to check out what is included in your plan. Protect Plans | Home Alarm Security Monitoring Service | Ring

Thanks, yes, i have already added a Stick Up cam, and it is covered, to clarify my question slightly…

When investing in more expensive devices, Ring are prepared to offer non subscribers a free benefit, but those of us who already subscribe loose that benefit (it appears) if we invest further in their technology/devices to enhance our systems… I suppose I’m asking for a 1 month “holiday” from my subscription fee… and wondered if anyone on forum has been successful in gaining.

No, you are paying for a subscription. You don’t get to add 1 month free just because you want to add a camera to your subscription. The free month for the subscription is already past.

Thanks… the detail on does state that new devices will have a 1 month free trial on connection, which will only benefit anyone without a subscription or on the Basic plan then… so those who pay monthly for the full monitoring service do actually miss out.

Thanks again for the information… its good that i like the products and ease of use, as this kind of thing can be a deal breaker for some…

Interesting view that I’ve never seen before.
I’ve added cameras to my subscription without expecting to get a free month as I’m paying for an alarm system, not just the camera.

To each their own.

P.S. The free month when buying a camera is for JUST the camera. It never said anything about adding a free month to an alarm subscription or other camera only subscriptions.

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Im not trying to be obsinate about it, but if the subscription charge doesn’t increase when adding a device, and that device has a free trial, anyone currently subscribing looses the free trial…

I will call the local CS line to see what they say, i have added 4 devices since initially installing, this will be my 5th device… Mr Bezos is a very rich man, and this type of thing helps him be so!