Adding a second device to already existing coverage

I purchased a Ring doorbell yesterday and set it all up. Works great. I added and paid for a year of Basic coverage. Today I also picked up a Stick Up Cam and it too is now all set up. I want to add it to the plan but cannot find a way to do that on the app or website. Is the second device automatically added and if so is it included in the original payment I made?

Hi. The Basic plan only covers one device. I’m pretty sure you can cancel that plan and remaining unusued months will be refunded. Then you can purchase the Plus plan which covers unlimited devices AND gives you extended warranty on all devices beyond the factory one year warranty. The latter was a big selling point for me for getting that one as opposed to Basic. Although now that I think about it, you could probably get another Basic plan for the second device, which is cheaper overall, wait until the 1 year on the first one runs out, and then switch them over to Plus to get the extended warranty. Pros and cons.

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Thanks for the response. I bought the doorbell and added the basic plan and a day later decided to get an outside cam. I want to take the approach of two separate basic plans which are, as you said, less expensive. Extended warranties tend to not be worth it in my opinion. The problem is that I cannot figure out how to do it as the app and website do not make it obvious how or where to do this for the second device.

If you log onto the website account, you will see something like Protection Plans, or something like that. You should be able to see both devices and plan status. Also note if you just got the second one, both devices are now getting a free 30 day “trial” period so that will extend the coverage of the first one you got the plan for, and also give you 30 days free video storage for the second one. If you add a plan now, it supposedly doesn’t activate the plan until the trial period is over. Hope that all makes sense and you get it figured out.

So you have to wait until the trial runs out to add the second ring product. I have had it a few days and it is not showing up in the Protection Plan window. Only the first ring product I have had for years. The cam is not showing up to be able to buy a plan.

Hi there, @dsolomon! If you have a Protect Plus plan, this will cover all Ring devices at a single location. As long as your second Ring device is being added to the already subscribed location, this device will be covered. Visiting and checking your plans section is a great way to confirm this once trial has ended.

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