Adding a second battery

Every time i charge my second battery and put it back in the camera it will not recognize it. Just says add battery. Only way i can get it to show that i put it in is to push the reset button on top which then makes it wait 15 minutes before working. Anything i can do to get this thing to recognize my second battery when i install it?

Have you tried triggering an event on the camera (motion, live view, etc.) after installing the second battery, and then checking to see if the battery is recognized?

It shows motion every time i put the battery in from me holding onto it to close the lid. This time here it finally recognized the battery after 15-20 minutes.

If it doesn’t show up after that, try triggering an event again and see if it updates. Usually when I swap my battery packs they show up right away, but every once in awhile it takes a bit to show up. When you’re checking the camera status I believe you’re actually getting that information from the last time it connected with the cloud, so if it was in the process of recognizing the new battery or something similar when it was connecting it’s possible it might’ve not included the battery information immediately after it had been reinstalled.