Adding 2nd Doorbell

I’ve read several previous posts, but to be specific, and having been away from my current Ring2 doorbell for many months (moved and built a new home ) I’m wondering which model would make the most sense for my new and second doorbell for the back door.

It appears that Ring2 doorbells have been replaced with Ring3 ($200) and that’s a chunk of change for me. But, for the best overall performance for monitoring my front and back doors does spending the $200 for Ring3 make the most sense?

What would you suggest?

Hi @powrus. The Video Doorbell 3 is going to be most similar to the Video Doorbell 2, so if you’re looking for a similar experience to what you already have, the Doorbell 3 may be what you want to go for. We do have our Doorbell Buyer’s Guide here, which lists out the different models and the features they have as well as the power requirements so you can determine which Doorbell is the best fit for you. :slight_smile: