Add to Alarm!

I’ve seen Questions regarding Heat Detectors for a Garage with no Answers back in 2020 and not a thing about them since, So I would like to Ask again as a New Ring Customer… Are there any Heat Detectors that work with the Ring System or Not?
Do you plan on adding them or is this not a feasible Product?
I am converting from an Old Security System that Used Two of them in my Garage and Workshop Providing Protection for My Classic Cars and Motorcycles. It would be a Great upgrade for the Ring System if possible.
Thanks for Any and All Feed Back…

Hi @troyeh49. The Ring Alarm system does not have a heat detector, and is not officially compatible with any third party heat detectors. Other neighbors may have requested this on our Feature Request board, which is where we gather and share feedback with our teams here. I’d recommend searching the Feature Request board to see if this has been requested before so you can add your feedback and vote to that request. :slight_smile: