Add security camera to plan

How to add security camera to my ring door bell plan

Hi there, @Keithenza! You can manage your Protect Plan and covered devices at Visit, log in, and visit your Plans section. As described in our Help Center article, when you add a new device to your account and get an additional Ring Protect Basic plan, you will be charged a prorated rate for the remaining difference in months between your new product’s inception date and the old product’s billing date (after the 30-day trial ends). This will get both products on the same billing cycle.

If you have a Protect Plus plan and your Ring device is being added at the same location, it is automatically added to your Ring Protect Plus plan coverage and there are no extra charges. Ring Protect Plus covers all devices at a single location. If you are setting up a device at a separate location, you will have to pay for an additional Ring Protect plan for the new location. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: