Add adjustable motion zones to Stick Up Cam Battery

Why is there no adjustable motion zones on the Stick Ip Cam Battery but there are on every other stick up camera? Got the stick up battery because I don’t have a plug near the location it needed to go but the number of motion detection notifications is getting a bit ridiculous.

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Can someone from Ring please responde to this!? I’ve just adjusted my Stickup to cover an area which has more depth and I can not cover it with this device…

I have the same exact issue! Did ya resolve this? If so how please?
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Same issue. Need a reply.

Hey neighbors! While this is a neighbor to neighbor support forum rather than a direct line to our support team, I’d be happy to offer some helpful information here. All of our Doorbells and Cameras offer Advanced Motion Detection, which you can read more about here. The Stick Up Cam Battery has Adjustable Motion Zones, which are the three zones you can turn on and off in the settings.

If you find that the motion detection is not working out well for you, you may need to adjust the positioning of the Camera itself to optimize things. I’d suggest reading our Help Center Article on proper positioning here. I hope this helps clear things up. :slight_smile: