AD banner blocks settings

After 30 day trial monitor service of Ring Alarm ended, an AD banner (Upgrade to Protect Plus …) at bottom shows at some pages. I can’t find a way to dismiss it. Even worse, it blocks settings page of video doorbell despit the fact that the page is scrolled to the bottom. It’s beyond annoying.

It should just swipe away to one side or the other with your finger.

Yes. It works. Thank you.

But it just appears on almost every page every time. Previously I have only video doorbell with basic subscription and it was working perfectly. Because of purchasing and installing Ring Alarm, my Ring app was downgraded to AD-supported? Is it punishment for owning Ring Alarm?

If you do not have any plan, you will get a free trial with purchase for 30 days. During this time that banner will pop up. It can be swiped away. After the trial is completed. You won’t see it again. There are no ads with the free account.

This is my true experience.
I have basic subscription for doorbell before installing Ring Alarm. A banner appeared after installing Ring Alarm. It says something like ‘20 days left of trial monitoring service’. After it expired, it changed to what I see now ‘Upgrade to Protect Plus…’. I thought it would disappear after couple days. I was wrong. It’s been over 1 month and it’s still there.

It’s so annoying that it even pops up again between app switch. For instance, after dismissing the banner a SMS mesage is received. After viewing that message and switching back to the the Ring app, it pops up again.

You could try removing the app. Turn your phone off then back on. Reinstall the app. That should hopefully get rid of it coming back.

Just tried that. Remove, turn off, turn on, install, log in.

No luck. Same behavior.

Thanks anyway.

All I can say is to call customer support. Sorry it didn’t work.

Had a chat with Ring support. CS agent said that AD can’t be removed because I don’t pay for Ring Alarm monitoring service even I do pay for video recording.

Please don’t buy Ring Alarm if you plan to do self monitoring.


Looks like they removed the AD. At least for basic plan subscribers.

Finally the AD was gone. Perhaps they heard my tiny voice.

I have a basic subscription and still can see the banner in the Ring Android application.

The unsolicited ads at bottom of Ring app are quite annoying. Has anyone really fixed this issue, a big detriment to an otherwise excellent security system?

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I noticed this was first posted a year ago. I’m in the UK, and have exactly the same advertising popping up on my Pixel with the latest Ring app. I bought the Alarm and Doorbell. The advertising was annoying me, so I bought the Protect Basic plan. I assumed buying the plan would get rid of the advertising. Sadly not.
I contacted Ring support who told me that to get rid of this specific advert, I need to buying their Premium Plan.

Well I do have the $10 upgrade version of the security and yet despite this I constantly have new banners or boxes under my video monitoring constantly soliciting me for new products. For starters, as a customer this makes me feel as if this company doesn’t appreciate the customers they have and instead are only interested in selling selling selling…. If people want your products they will go buy them, you don’t need to shove them in our faces as if there aren’t other options for video door bells now days. Also, now I have one trying to sell me new face plates for my door bell and even after I click on the ad to view the product it doesn’t ever check it off as viewed and go away, it remains there right under my security monitoring view which should NEVER have anything other than the video blocks of my security hardware. I did not pay this company to solicit me in the very program needed to monitor what I already bought and paid for… if Ring doesn’t reconsider this overly aggressive sales tactic they will lose me as a customer along with everyone I know and I work in IT so aside from bashing them online about this I will make sure to swap all my clients and my family to something else that appreciates their customers and doesn’t F with them constantly trying to upswell them.

All apps that I use with my home automation devices (including other company’s alarm systems) have ads for their own products in them. Ring is no different.
The ad is at the bottom of the app and I easily just ignore it. I’d recommend everyone do the same and never click on them.