Activity is detected outside of the zones

I have created zones that cover the patio area and when a car drives down the street, which is not in the zone… it says motion at the door. I have some screenshots but I don’t seem to be able to attach them

What’s the trick?

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This triggers motion

Hi @JackConw. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Based on what I see, there are a few recommendations that I can make. First, it may benefit you to create a few, smaller motion zones instead of having one larger zone.

Next, you might also benefit by adding a Wedge Kit to your doorbell to angle the optimal motion detection zone to be more in the region you are trying to capture. With these adjustments, you should see a great improvement in your Ring Doorbells motion detection. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have exact same problem. I get around 50 recordings a day outside of the programmed zones. My battery is lasting 3-4 weeks which is unacceptable. I thought the whole point of the programmed motion zones was to NOT record in these zones?

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