Activating Device...hanging

I have a doorbell 2, connected to fibre broadband which is normally 30Mbps to 155Mbps, close to a wireless access point, and connected to mains power.
Regardless of where I connect from 4G or fast wifi, I often get the message “Activating Device” when trying to answer the doorbell or to go into live view.
Any idea what’s causing this please?
My firmware is up to date, signal strength is RSSI-42 and Live View is set to on in the device settings.
Many thanks, Charlie.

Hey @Munkykatze! With your speeds looking sufficient and the device itself being up to date, I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the Ring app. This will optimize the app integration with your mobile device and check for any updates.

Try also disabling any bluetooth, vpn, or hotspot connections and close apps running in the background to test. Let us know if this works! :slight_smile:

We have this same issue. We tried removing and reinstalling the app, but it still sits on activating device until I close it.

Our internet is similar to the one above. Our devices are currently Pixels - 3A XL’s on Android 10. We experienced the same behavior on previous versions and previous devices as well.

Did anyone get a resolve
We have this on a Pixel 3 and Samsung A8

I changed my wifi system (I was using Tenda and have moved to Nest) and that’s improved it, though it’s still far from perfect.