Activating alarm via app

Hi there my free subscription has run out and now I cant activate or disarm my alarm from the app. Is this normal. I tried to buy the protect sub but the my plans page I coming up blank. I just have motion sensors.

Hi @Cmcqb1. Without a Ring Protect Plan subscription, you will only be able to arm/disarm via the Keypad. In-app arming/disarming are Ring Protect Plan only features.

I am having the same problem. Seems it’s the new normal if you bought your system after March 29th 2023. According to Ring if you bought your system before then you should be able to arm / disarm from the app. See Ring article here:

My system was bought in 2020 so this is not the expected behavior. Hopefully Ring will address this.

True for systems bought after March 29th 2023 per Ring:

What about those bought before March 29th 2023? Why is this disabled in the app for legacy customers?