Account creation email is messed up on iPhone

When signing up for a new account on iPhone why do I have to type in my email address? Twice! Why is copy and paste disabled? This is so incredibly stupid. Pasting is accurate. Typing is not. Yet somebody decided the user experience of typing in the email address, twice, is better than auto fill of the one true email my phone already knows or copy and paste from somewhere.

Please strip out the unnecessary extra code added for this. It is incredibly dumb security theater. Oh yeah and the very first thing after manually typing in the email address, twice, no pasting or auto fill allowed, is an email verification. This is bafflingly wrong.

Please just use any other iPhone app once and see how this is correctly done by every other developer on the planet. You even get it right on the web account creation. That’s right, as a UI expert this offended me so much I went and signed up on the web instead of dealing with such blind stupidity.