Access to videos before subscription

Hi. I just signed up for subscription to store and access videos. How do I access a video incident prior to start of subscription? From the online help info on ring website it says I can do this.

“ Note: If you do not have a Ring Protect Plan, recordings will not be stored. Purchase of a Ring protect Plan will give you access to recordings from before the plan takes effect. ”


Hey @Stevetripper. Could you please link me this Help Article where you saw this or provide me a screenshot of this? This information is not correct, so I would like to get this updated for future neighbors if this is on a Ring facing article. Whenever there is a lapse in subscription, all previously recorded videos are removed and inaccessible. Getting a subscription after a lapse will not restore these videos. Please let me know where you got this information, and happy to have cleared this up for you!

@Stevetripper I greatly appreciate that direct link! I went ahead and got in touch with the appropriate teams who got this addressed and fixed for us to reflect the accurate information. Thank you again for this callout, and feel free to let us know of anything else in the future, but I’m sure it shouldn’t happen! :wink:

I saw this page about videos accessible from before subscription. Somebody smashed 2 windows of my car last night, and I can see the Ring doorbell captured something, but not what it is. If there’s any way to recover the video, I would be very grateful.

Ring should consider keeping 24-48 hours even for unsubscribed neighbours, so users can sign up on the spot and get access to what jusy happened. Could even charge a premium.



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