Access to smart alerts?

I have several stick up cams and spotlight cams, and none of them have smart alerts available in the motion settings. How do I access this feature? The help articles say it should be available for these cameras.

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Hi there, @mconomos! I believe you are referencing this Help Center article

In which you should certainly be able to access Smart Alerts in your motion settings once they’ve been enabled.

Here’s how to enable Smart Alerts:

  • Tap the three lines on the top left
  • Tap Devices
    • Tap the device you want to adjust
  • Tap Motion Settings
  • Tap Smart Notifications
  • Tap Enable Feature
  • Tap Continue
  • On the next screen select the notification options that you want for Person and Other Motion
    • You’ll see a video camera where you can select or de-select recording and a bell icon to represent alert notifications
  • After you’ve adjusted your settings tap Done.

To access Smart Alerts once you’ve activated it in the Ring app:

  • Tap the three lines on the top left
  • Tap Devices
    • Tap the device you want to adjust
  • Tap Motion Settings
  • Tap Smart Alerts.

If this is still not showing for you, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

Hi @Marley_Ring

That is the article I’m referencing. The problem is that when I go to Motion Settings, there is no Smart Notifications menu. The only options inside of Motion Settings are Motion Sensitivity, People Only Mode, and Advanced Settings. The only thing in Advanced Settings is Motion Schedules. Smart Notifications are nowhere to be found. Any suggestions?


Hi @mconomos. Happy to chime in here. Do you have an active Ring Protect Plan subscription? If you don’t have one, this feature will not be visible in the Ring app. Also, be sure you have the most recent version of the Ring app downloaded on your mobile device.

Hi @Tom_Ring

Yes, I have an active ring protect subscription. I also have the latest version of the app. Any other suggestions?


I’m having the same issue on my Stick Up Cam Plug in (3rd Gen). I have Smart Alerts available on all my other cameras, an active Protect plan, but only show People Only available for the SU cam and no Smart Alerts.

This is across 3 Android phones (app v.3.44.0) and an iPhone (app v.5.44.0). The camera is working perfect, but I tried a full reset/re-setup anyway after holding in the setup button for 30 seconds. Even after setting it back up, I only have a on/off toggle for People Only mode, and the below screen is still absent:

Hey neighbors. It’s odd that you don’t have Smart Alerts available. This feature is on a slow rollout to our neighbors and it still may be rolling out to all of your devices. This is expected to be 100% rolled out by December. Until then, we appreciate your patience while this feature makes it way to all of your devices.

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Thanks for your reply @Tom_Ring . I just figured since my account had already received the Smart Alerts update, and I have that feature on all my other cameras, any newly added device to my account would also immediately inherit that feature. Still only have the People Only toggle on that camera and not Smart Alerts, but hopefully by Dec as you stated.

@Tom_Ring could you please possibly confirm whether or not the 3rd Gen Stickup Cams (non-Elite) should have the Smart Alerts feature or not?

The above-linked Help Center article only mentions Stickup Cam Battery and Wired, without explicitly defining 3rd Gen Plug In or Battery.

Of my 10 cams, 8 of them have Smart Alerts while the 2 Stickup Cam 3rd Gen’s only offer a People Only mode toggle.

I realize you said it’s still rolling out and that’s fine if that’s the case. I’m just asking for clarification that the feature will be available on the 3rd Gen SuC’s.

Today I was told by Customer Support that Smart Alerts are not yet supported for Stick Up Cam Battery (3rd Gen) devices. And that only older generations of Stick Up Cam Battery currently support the feature. I was wrong to assume the latest generation device should support the latest features…

Smart Alerts documentation needs to be updates to include supported camera generations, as it imprecisely states the Smart Alerts feature is available for “Stick Up Cam Battery”.

Would be nice to get definite confirmation one way or another. I too was told the 3rd Gen will only support the People Only toggle and not Smart Alerts. On another occasion I was told it does, but it’s not rolled out yet. Then @Tom_Ring states earlier in the thread that it should be rolled out to all devices by December, which is just a few hours away at this point.

It doesn’t make sense Smart Alerts would be available on literally every other camera Ring sells except the 3rd Gen SuC, which is also probably one of their best sellers considering the price point of the cam.

Hey neighbors! Just wanted to chime in here and provide an update. I have checked with our teams here, and as @Tom_Ring has stated before, the feature is on a slow rollout to our neighbors and is expected to be 100% rolled out by December. My apologies that we did not share an exact date in December, as certain devices getting the rollout are dependent on other factors and features being released at different times. Therefore, it is actually throughout December that this is planned to be available for ALL devices and the rollout to be finished. We will of course share any additional details we have in the future, as well as when it is fully completed or if any delays happen. We really do appreciate your patience in the meantime while we work to make this available for all neighbors.


@Chelsea_Ring thank you very much for the details and clarification!! Much appreciated!


I now see Smart Alerts in the iphone app for my 3rd Gen Stick Up Battery cams. :+1:


Both of my 2 3rd Gen Stick Up cams now have Smart Alerts too. The one I have hardwired no longer does the 5 second pre-roll with Smart Alerts on though. Recordings start with the motion already in progress just like my other SuC that’s battery powered (which is expected for the battery powered SuC). Neither seem to be missing any motion though.