Access on 3 different devices

i have set up ring doorbell 3 for my partner, i have managed to set it up on her phone, and echo show, however i can’t seem to set it up on my phone, (same type of phone, android), i just get stuck in a set up ‘loop’, where it gets me to go to wifi settings, and tells me it’s connected, and then nothing happens. when i try to go back it asks if i want to cancel set up, if i tap no, it just goes to the wifi connection page again, and nothing happens. my phone is registered as ‘shared’ user, is this the problem, and can i change that ?

Hi @RobertBradbeer. If you have the Doorbell added to your account as a Shared User, you do not need to go through the Set Up a Device flow again. Since the Doorbell was already set up under your partner’s account, it just needs to be shared with your Ring account so you are then a Shared User. Once you’re a Shared User, you can tap on the location at the top of your Ring App and select the location that says (Shared) in the name to find the Doorbell. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile: