Access Controller Pro without Amazon Key (for UK)


I live in the UK and would like to use Ring to open a gate on my property. I spoke to Ring and they said even though the Access Controller Pro is not available in the UK, its power setup supports 240v and I should be able to set it up. So I went ahead and got the Access Controller Pro shipped over from the US.

I’ve tried to install it and discovered that it turns out I need an Amazon Key App to set it up (strange)! The Amazon Key App is not available in the UK so now I’m stuffed and have wasted the money.

Does anyone know a way to install it without the Amazon Key App? For example can I do it through amazon desktop version or just skip the Key App completely? I have no desire to use the Amazon key service, which isnt even available in the UK anyway; I just want to be able to click a button in the Ring app and open the gate…

All suggestions appreciated!