AC door chime (wired) compartable with Ring pro doorbell

Hi, I installad an ring doorbell pro with Facet 2 chime . I have got the info from website it was compatable with Ring pro. but it is not working.

chime is not working when ring pro connected to the circuit. without it when 2 cable connected it works.

So looked for AC powered door chime compatable with 8V -24V , I could not able to find any good choice . I just need a chime that works with ring pro. could anyone direct me to that, please?

Hey @Bayar! If you have not already, check out our Compatible Chime List. The Doorbell Pro requires a 16 - 24V AC transformer to operate properly, and the Pro Power Kit should be installed at your chime kit to allow the operation of both.

I recommend double checking the wiring is securely connected to the Doorbell Pro, and that they are not too thin of a gauge, for an optimal flow of power. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: