Abusive DHCP client in Ring products

The DHCP lease times on my network are 24 hours in duration. But my ring doorbell and ring chime are requesting fresh DHCP addresses at least 10 times a day.

No other device on my network is so obnoxious.

Static addressing is not the answer. DHCP reservations are good enough for everyone else in the world and they’re good enough for you too, ring.

10+ DHCPdiscover packets per day would normally make me suspect a bad power supply and the device rebooting.

I bet it is rebooting. But the doorbell is powered by the transformer. And the chime, directly takes it’s own outlet… Both of them are doing fresh dhcp discovers over 10 times a day. They’re rebooting it’s because of buggy code causing them to crash.

They are on separate access points and I have other devices on both APs which do not have the same problem.

Funny how the only two devices having this problem are from the same manufacturer…

Funny how you don’t provide command line access to these devices for troubleshooting.