Absolute Rubbish Product !

Purchased a Video Boorbell 1 3 days ago.

Experiencing the low speaker volume issue as described here : https://community.ring.com/t5/Video-Doorbells/ring-doorbell-2-community/td-p/105

I can’t believe after more than 1 year this issue still persists… Chatted with technical support who were absolutely useless… got me to do some "troubleshooting "steps. It was so scripted it wasn’t funny. Ended up just hanging up on them…

Going back to Bunnings tomorrow for a full refund.

Sorry to hear about this experience @vvulture. Our support team is trained to cover all bases in helping you obtain a solution. If you feel you’ve exhausted all standard troubleshooting steps, they can certainly assist with exploring advanced options.

Audio concerns are often related to wifi connection, in which our Community post about RSSI is full of advice. There are also mobile device variables to consider such as bluetooth, VPN, or even other apps that might conflict with audio on your phone.

If you are still wanting to find a solution, the Community is full of neighbors and team members who are happy to help! Feel free to respond with a shared Ring video url example of your audio concern as well.