About entering at home - Sensors setup


I know you can setup a delay time in the alarm when you enter/leave home (that gives time to arm/disarm it without triggering the siren). Having this in mind I have 2 questions:

a) Can you choose which sensors will trigger the “delay time” and which ones will trigger the siren instantely? An example: The front and back doors will be in the “delay time” group, but the windows will be always in the “siren” one.

b) I have a door, a hallway and then another door to enter home and reach the Ring keyboard. I want to put a sensor at both doors and a motion sensor in the hallway. If I just want to use the keyboard to disarm it, I assume after I open the 1st door the “delay time” will start counting to reach the panel. The question is: the motion sensor in the hallway and the sensor in the 2nd door will not trigger the siren meanwhile the “delay time” is running? Because I don’t know if a 2nd or 3rd triggered sensor (after the 1st one is activated) will abort the “delay time process” and will trigger the siren.

Thanks in advance for your answers.


Hey @mcampos. To address your first question, you most definitely can do this. This is going to be in the settings for each one of your sensors. For example, if you have a contact sensor labeled Front Door, you will go into your Ring app > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Front Door (contact sensor) > Gear icon at the top right for settings > Placement. Once you tap on Placement, you will see different options which will detail which one is set to immediately go off, and what option will give you a delay. Make sure to hit save at the top right once you are done adjusting your settings for that.

To address your second question, if you are able to set both contact sensors and the motion sensors to Main Door and Entryway respectively, you should be able to walk through both doors and trigger the motion sensor while still being in your allocated delay time. I recommend customizing your settings and then testing this out while you’re home and have time. That way, if they still do trip the alarm, you will know that this is the case for future. Please let me know how this works out for you!

Thank you, I will test it as you said. My last question is about the 2nd question I made before (1st door, hallway, 2nd door): when you assign them to “Main door” and one of them is triggered, you don’t know which one was triggered or this “Main door” group is just a way to put them together under a single rule? Thanks again


@mcampos You’re correct on the latter! Main Door is just a group name under Placements that you select to give it the rule to not immediately trigger the alarm, but to give you the delay. If needed, you can have as many Main Doors/Entryways (for motion detectors) as you want. :slight_smile: