A USB connector to supply the required 5v to the Control Center?

I am looking for any type of USB connector to the proprietary Control Center Power? Male or female USB Type A, Mini A, Micro A, B, or C on one end and the propriety connector on the Control Center 5v in.

Is there such a thing?

I do not want to splice or make a custom cable with such thin/skinny/small cables. My talents do not extend to such detailed/small work unless I am dreaming.

Hi there, @Barney_Rubble! It is recommended to use the power supply that is included with the Alarm Base Station for powering. Using an extension chord is a great way to reach an area far from an outlet, however, we do not advise using a 3rd party power supply to power the Base Station, as it may not have the appropriate rating for intended use. Aftermarket devices are not tested and we cannot guarantee performance.

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