A Suggestion

I have a Ring doorbell 4 and live in Minnesota. When I bought my doorbell and installed it in summer the transformer would trickle charge the battery. I now find out when the temperature gets too cold, as it does in Minnesota, it will not trickle charge therefore the battery drains and the doorbell stops working. My suggestion is to have a “bypass switch” installed in the doorbell so that in the winter mode the doorbell would work off of the hard-wired transformer and in the summer mode the doorbell transformer would trickle charge the battery and keep it charged. This way the doorbell would be working all year round without interruption.

Hi @SDF. There isn’t a way for the Ring Doorbell 4 to function without using power from the battery. Hardwiring a battery-powered Doorbells is to allow it to trickle charge the battery so you don’t have to manually charge the battery as often as you normally would have, depending on how much activity the Doorbell experiences. You can read more about how cold weather affects battery-powered Ring Doorbells in our Help Center Article here.