A step by step for viewing videos of Ring Car drives when at home?

Could someone please post a step-by-step to viewing the video of a drive using Ring Car when at home?

I could see videos when sitting in the car with the engine on. What I’d like is to be able to get home from a drive & then view the videos in the house with the car parked & off.

I’m subscribed (but still on the trial). I was thinking it would be like my doorcams, where I could go to history & view them…do I need to download them when I’m in the car, for example? Just a 1-2-3 about what to do to view them. Thanks!

Hi @BufoCalvin. You should see any recorded videos in the Event History of your Ring app. Do you not see any events for your Car Cam in the Event History? Feel free to attach any screenshots or screen recordings demonstrating what you’re seeing on your end.