A second push on the Ring Pro does not make the chime ring a second time

A second push on the Ring Pro does not make the chime ring a second time.

When a postman comes with a package and pushes the button on the Ring Pro, the chime makes it’s sound.
Sometimes we are busy and don’t hear it.
When he pushes the doorbell a second time, let’s say 10-15 seconds after the first time, the chime doesn’t ring again, you have to wait at least 30 seconds, but by then the postman has left.

I can’t be the only one with this issue.
Or am I?

I had a chatsession with support, but the person I had a chat with didn’t even know what the options in their own app are.


Hi @Ringer, is your Video Doorbell Pro connected to an existing doorbell chime or a Ring Chime?

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I have disconnected the old doorbell, the Ring power supply is directly connected to the Ring Pro and I use the Ring Chime.



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Hi @Ringer, while the Video Doorbell Pro is streaming video, it will not activate another ding or send a motion notifications. This is likely why you are not hearing a a second ding notification through your Chime when the mail person presses the button within 10 seconds, as your device is streaming video of the first event. However, once it stops streaming it should activate another alert when pressed.

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Thank you.

Well, that makes it a pretty useless doorbell, doesn’t it?

Nobody waits a whole minute before pressing the doorbell again, after the door isn’t opened.

Now I am sure I will return it.


Agreed. The ability to re-ring the doorbell within a shorter timeframe needs to be addressed and QUICKLY!!


Ah well, I sent mine back and I have my old doorbell connected again.

I thought if they can’t get the normal doorbell function to work, what about the advanced stuff then?


I am experiencing the same issue.

It seems once there has been motion detected, then for a following period of time when trying to press the doorbell button - the doorbell will not chime and there is also no notification that ‘someone is at the door’.

I only want a notification when the button is pressed. Is this issue being looked into by the Ring team? Perhaps can the pressing of the button be given a greater priority notification than motion activity?


I think this is a capital issue with the Ring Video doorbell. Nobody will wait 10 seconds to ring again. They’ll just assume it’s a normal ring-when-pressed doorbell. Mine is hooked up with the Ring Chime gen 2 and it will ring just once, nothing happens when the doorbell is rung again within that 10 something seconds.



Perhaps this is the problem i am experiencing too…

When motion is detected at my front door i get a notification but when the doorbell is pushed a few seconds later i get no notification about this and the Ring Chime doesnt sound.



When motion is detected at my front door i get a notification but when the doorbell is pushed a few seconds later i get no notification about this and the Ring Chime doesnt sound.

If no motion is detected prior to pushing the doorbell notifications and Chime works fine.

What could be the problem?


Hi GiffelDK

That does sound to be the same issue I was having. Unfortunately I didn’t find a solution. I was really frustrated and I decided to get a newer Ring Doorbell 2. I’m enjoying the Doorbell 2 and I am not having the same issue.

The only issue I now have is I have a broken Ring in my cupboard and had to pay 2 times for the pro subscription as the original subscription did not carry over to the new device I replaced shortly after buying the first. I would expect it to carry over.


Okay maybe it can’t record while streaming but it should AT LEAST ring the doorbell everytime the button is pressed. After all that is the function of a doorbell isn’t it???


Hi Paul_S

Too bad you didnt find a solution, mine is the Doorbell 3.

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Hi @GiffelDK! When a motion is detected and your Doorbell is rung, both should trigger a notification. Depending on the timing, the Chime should also sound for the motion, and then should sound for the button push ring. If they both happened instantaneously, it is possible that the Chime only plays one of the sounds, but otherwise should play both, if linked for both sounds. When reviewing the event in the Ring app, in this scenario, it will often show as a ring event.

The best first step here will be to check wifi signal strength for all devices. Please ensure the Chime is strategically placed for an efficient connection between the router and Doorbell. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing this signal strength. I recommend also checking on motion and Chime settings. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


my chime is setup to notify me only when the doorbell is pushed.
When someone comes to my house motion is detected and i get a notification on my phone, then when the doorbell is pushed a few seconds later nothing happens, no chime, no notification and it does not show up in history, only the motion does.

My wifi signal is very good, full signal.

Could it have something to do with the doorbell recording the motion it detected and therefore beeing busy when it is pressed?


Hey neighbors! Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community. After looking over these scenarios, and testing them internally with our teams, the intended functionality is as follows.

For powered Doorbells (Doorbell Pro/ Elite), two rings cannot be triggered within the same event. Once the button is pressed, your Doorbell will be focused on operating the recording/ video, audio, notification, chime kit, and powering these events. A motion triggered with a ring (button push) following right after, will also not trigger the ring event/ chime kit right away. It may take several moments after a motion, before the Doorbell is ready to also carry out a ring event, but it is possible to receive both as long as power and network connection is optimal.

For battery powered Doorbell models, two rings still cannot be triggered back to back/ simultaneously, within the same event. A motion followed by a ring (button push), however, can both be triggered for notifications in your Ring app and chime. This will depend on network and mobile device connection variables.

Additionally, if a successful ring occurs during a motion event, it is likely that this event will show as a “ring” in your event history. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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How does this help?
A second press within the minute doesn’t ring the doorbell.
Issue not resolved.
Standard doorbell functionality.


How about the old and orignal chime. If I keep it connected to the Ring Doorbell PRO, will it ring multiple times if we push the button multiple times ?

I just received my Doorbell 2 and am having the same issue.

Worse, it seems that the standard Ring whipping boy is “check your wifi”; mine AND the Chime are essentially installed next to the router.

Why haven’t the Developers already figured out "oh, perhaps multiples - ring 2, 3, 4…to some maximum)? A simple looping…sheesh…

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