90 sec MAX

I have my video recording length to set to the max of 90sec. However it never records the max of 90sec, and most of the time it cuts off short sometimes recording events as short as 20 seconds. Is there a way to make it record 90 seconds everytime an event is picked up so I don’t miss out on something.

For instance - delivery driver pulled up in front of my house in his van. Motion detected the van, but only recorded for 22 seconds, so it didn’t capture the driver coming to the door and delivering the package. In fact it completely missed him coming to the door completely.

I am also hardwired, so battery drain is not a concern. I also have motion frequency set to the MAX. Any help appreciated.


Hi @spl1t. I would check to make sure you don’t have Motion Verification on. If you have this feature toggled on, it can trim the video to record less then the selected time. This Help Center article here goes over Motion Verification. I hope this helps!

That appears to have fixed it, thank you very much!

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