87 (89?) events but no history

Good morning - I checked my phone this morning and had either 87 or 89 (need coffee!) events. I hit the x to clear all which evidently was a mistake, because they are all gone. No history whatsoever. I didn’t mean to delete my history - I just wanted to clear the notifications. I wasn’t in the Ring app - just on the home screen of my iPhone. ??

Hi @ppwhite. Clearing the notifications from your phone’s notification center should not clear anything from the Ring App. When you open the Ring App and navigate to the Event History log, do you see any events? Feel free to attach a screenshot of what you’re seeing and I’d be happy to take a look. :slight_smile:

Hi Caitlyn - there was no history at all - it was just done. I just hit “clear all” and there they went. I logged in to the web page and got the same results. I’ll take a screeen shot in the morning for sure if it does it again!

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