6 linear orbs on night vision-person detection

We installed right over our back patio and got about a dozen notices that a person was detected all night. In every video these six orbs expanding then contracting were floating around. The videos of them expanding into 6 circles turn contacting into one are too big to post but here’s a short video of it.

Any idea what they are or how we can fix??

Hi @user46588. It looks like it could be a spider web or something similar that got close enough to the Camera that the infrared lights were reflecting off of it. I would recommend cleaning the surrounding area where the Camera is placed every now and then to try to prevent events like this.

I have a similar issue too. Darn spiders and whatnot. Ring Support needs to fix person detection. These are clearly not people.

Hi @RingBear. I will certainly pass your feedback along.

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