5ghz Ring Devices

What other Ring Cameras are 5GHz capable.
I know the doorbell & New spotlight cam is.
I use EERO for wifi so 5GHz is a none issue.
Do these cameras also have the capability 0f up to 1300 per second

My stick up cam elites are 5ghz

Hi @EcoDieselDave. You can find our Security Camera Product Comparison in our Help Center Article here. This will list out all of the technical specifications and features of each, including which wifi networks are capable with each. I hope this information helps you narrow down which Camera is the best fit for you. :slight_smile:

This list isn’t updated it doesn’t include the new Spotlight cam & others.

Do you know how to delete that 2 factor authentication also?

@EcoDieselDave Thanks for letting us know! The team works to update our Help Center Articles as often as they can among the new device releases. You can also always find the technical details of each Doorbell and Security Camera by looking at the product page on the Ring website. You’ll just have to scroll down a bit and you can see all of the same information.

As for the two-step verification, you cannot turn this feature off as it’s in place to help secure your account. You can read more about it in our Help Center Article on the feature here. I hope that helps answer your questions. :slight_smile:

Only your Stick Up Cam Elite (2nd generation ) uses 5GHz wifi? Not much choices!! :thinking:

Why isn’t the same information on the Product tech Spec? Stick Up Cam Elite – Ring (power and connectivity)