5 minute snapshot

Good afternoon,

how do i enable my android app to allow me to set my doorbell to take snapshots every 5 minutes?

I currently can only select 1 hour and 14 minutes as the frequency.

Also, my doorbell does not ring our internal bell which i have recently changed to a Byron 776 transformer (UK)

Many thanks

Hey @Rangerton55. Does your Doorbell show as hardwired in the Ring app under the Device Health section? If it’s not showing as hardwired, this could be why it’s not charging from the setup you have, as well as not letting you have the 5 minute option, as this is only available for when the device shows a solar panel is connected or it is showing as hardwired. In addition, what kind of internal chime do you have (since you mentioned transformer), as well as what Doorbell do you have?

Hi I have the doorbell hardwired and have changed the transformer to a byron 776 in order to purge enough electricity to the video doorbell to hardwire it.
I have the new video doorbell 1st Gen 1080p version. I have also attached screen shots showing it is hardwired and only has 1hour and 14 mins available

Screenshot of available time frequency