40% price increase from 1st July for Protect Basic Plan is a complete rip-off

I’ve cancelled mine as well. :+1:t2:

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@SolarEclipse “Saying it’s a 30-40% increase makes it sound so large”… That’s because it is large. I’m surprised your not spouting some nonsense about it only being 3p per day. You don’t understand it’s not the monetary value people are objecting to, but the proportional percentage increase.
When the increase was announced it didn’t say it was due to the current living cost crisis, it was because they were adding new features that 99% of people neither want or would use.[quote=“ownstu, post:1, topic:136649, full:true”]
I’ve just received an email from Ring informing me that their Protect Basic price per device is increasing from £24.99 per year to £34.99 per year from the 1st July 2022, a 40% increase in the annual price! This is a complete rip-off. Ring try to justify it by saying they’re a adding “new features” but the new features are unwanted and pathetic.

I have cancelled my subscription at next renewal as I will not pay this extortionate increase.

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No nonsense in what I wrote. it is only £1/month. You can try and frame it all you want but what I said was true.
Yes, I have to live with rising prices, but so do businesses. Ring isn’t a charity and is going to pass on those rising labor and material prices to the customers, us.
You don’t want to pay the increased price, then great, don’t. But to try and make it is some onerous price increase is just nonsense.

It is not nonsense. Only you seem to be trying to justify the 40% increase. Only you Solar. Nobody else.

Everyone else here does not think this is nonsense. Everyone else thinks this is a scam, a shill, a ripoff.

You think it is nonsense but everyone else is able to see that a 40% increase in price far exceeds the inflation that exists in the marketplace in their country.

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“it’s going to pass those rising labor and material prices to the customers”, what labor and material cost? That has to be in top position for most idiotic statement of the year :joy:.
I’ve already bought and paid for the products, you think I should just keep paying more money for the sake of it?
There will be programming to be done but we aren’t getting any extra features that are useful to 95%+ of the customers.
If they can’t afford the server space then they should have thought about that in the business plan and rather than try to fleece people for extra subscription money they could have simply allowed us to use a memory card.

If you look through all the replies it’s only yourself that thinks a 40% increase is somehow justified.

It’s ok, I’ve cancelled my subscription :+1:t2:.

Ps I don’t think you know the definition of “onerous”.

Ive only just realised theyve cancelled mine i new it was going up but didnt know you had to take action on it but csnt get in touch with them its useless like yourself its ridiculous