40% price increase from 1st July for Protect Basic Plan is a complete rip-off

I’ve just received an email from Ring informing me that their Protect Basic price per device is increasing from £24.99 per year to £34.99 per year from the 1st July 2022, a 40% increase in the annual price! This is a complete rip-off. Ring try to justify it by saying they’re a adding “new features” but the new features are unwanted and pathetic.

I have cancelled my subscription at next renewal as I will not pay this extortionate increase.


Thank you - I agree and have been trying to find someone to ask about the email (I was worried it might be a scam) but trying to telephone was especially difficult. With the current climate a 40% raise, for very little improvement, just doesn’t taste right…??


Absolutely ! And that’s PER CAMERA/DEVICE. I’m not accepting that and am cancelling to. The extras offered not not corelate with any 40% rise…
Think again RING!


Yes, same here. There doesn’t appear to be an option for customers who are happy with their arrangement. It’s a feature upgrade by stealth. A 40% increase! I haven’t asked for any of the additional services or (coming soon!) features.

I will be doing some shopping around for other options beyond Ring now.


Too right…bl**dy rip off. If people want 180 days storage and ability to download 50 clips at a time (who the hell needs that…) let them have a higher tier that they can subscribe to, although I suspect it would have a very very low uptake.

Been very happy with my Ring camera to date and think £25 a year is more than enough for a bit of cloud storage (Apple give you 50gb storage for 79p a month for gawds sake so over £2 a month for a few video clips was already pushing it).

Hopefully enough will cancel that they reconsider and offer a replacement basic version again at a sensible price. Just trying to recall how crippled it becomes if you don’t subscribe though?

There should at least be a few days (or at worse 24 hours) video storage included for free anyway. Its no wonder people prefer Chinese stuff that takes an SD card at the very least.


Can’t believe there putting up the price!! Il be definitely cancelling
The basic plan is perfect i dont want these extras which I don’t need, i only have one ring doorbell surely they need to rethink on what they are doing as they are going to loose out.


The price is going up less than $1/£1 per month. What can you buy for that amount anymore? Cup of tea? Cup of coffee? A sandwhich?
With prices going up everywhere why would you expect the old price to last forever.
Seems some realistic perspective is in order.

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Totally agree. I’m cancelling as well. Pure greed and I know Ring will justify it by saying we’re getting new features. Features I don’t want. Netflix learnt the hard way, Ring will now as well.


That’s totally excessive…inflation is about 9% and to hide it as related to adding new features that are of very little value is ridiculous.
The extended storage is not much practical value, and most people won’t even activate that. Plus data storage in the cloud is cheap.
Is there any real use case for most people to download 50 videos at once? I don’t think so. I’ve had my units a while and only ever downloaded 1 video.


Unbelievable. Talk about being tone deaf to the cost of living crisis, Ring. My subscription will be cancelled, along with my plans to increase the number of Ring devices I have. They must think we are mugs.


Just had to post again a my previous one had been removed!! - Now cancelled logged on via computer - you only get one chance with me and that’s it _ Ring you have shot your bolt - Someone as has been stated is extremely tone deaf to the current cost of living crisis. To even contemplate such an increase is only going to garner negative press and comments. To hide behind the additional services that are as much use as a chocolate fireguard is ridiculous!!! - Now non subscribed


Its a joke £10 increase I have just cancelled my yearly plan, so now they are worse off at least they would have had something I don’t need it and I am not being mugged off


Assuming you work for Ring !?


Ive just cancelled my plan. Refuse to be held hostage to others greed.
Claiming that customers will get an increased usability is just PR . Only the most naive will continue this payment


So how does this renewal work if those of us already renewed at £24.99 in April
Are they going to charge us the difference in July?
Their email lacks any of this information and trying to get in touch is near impossible


I don’t think Ring have read the room on this at all. Aside from it just being a ridiculous price rise, now is really not the time for this kind of thing.

Everyone is facing massive price hikes all over the place, for them to come bowling in with a FORTY PERCENT increase is a joke when people are facing fuel and heating crises. You accept rises from some companies whose costs have gone up recently, but Ring just need to provide a bit of cloud storage so it’s just price gouging and it’s unjustifiable.

The new features are utterly unwanted and a laughable attempt to get away with a bit of daylight robbery. They don’t justify an increase of a single penny, never mind 40%, and will add absolutely nothing to 99% of users and will cost Ring almost nothing to provide.

Needless to say I’ve cancelled my renewal and will shop around for a new doorbell which offers Micro SD storage, I saw a few when I bought the Ring but thought I’d try the Ring on recommendations, but now I’ve been burnt. Oh well.


Just had my email too and would expect my current paid subscription to be valid until renewal date when I intend not to renew it.

I can’t see a choice of not to renew on my account so have just deleted my payment details to prevent automatic renewal when due.

The way forward looks like it will be better to use a system that loads videos onto a card


How do you cancel your subscriptions i cannot see where you do that in my account settings

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Agreed! Who gives a crap about upgrading storage, etc.? Right now I care about inflation and trying to guy groceries as a single mom! A 25% increase is unconscionable right now.


You obviously work for Ring