4 wires to my old doorbell?

Does anyone have advice on how to connect my ring video doorbell (2020) to my existing doorbell wiring. There are 4 wires connecting to my existing doorbell (2 live (brown) + 2 neutral (black)) wires connect to a small plastic box behind my doorbell. Which do I connect to the ring doorbell? There were previously 2 doorbells and multiple mechanical chimes

Hi there, @Ringp! This wiring looks like it may not support the installation of a Video Doorbell. When installing a Video Doorbell only two wires are needed at the door, and they should provide AC power rather than DC. There can be many more variables to consider when installing a Video Doorbell. Check out the following hardwiring checklists depending on what model of Video Doorbell you have;
Hardwiring Checklist: Video Doorbell Pro
Hardwiring Checklist: Batter-Powered Video Doorbells

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: