3rd Party Extending Z-Wave / Repeating

Hi There. I have over a hundred Ring devices from lights, smoke/Co2 detectors, and all Ring Security devices. I live in an old stone farmhouse and also have a cottage guest house. I need to extend my Z-wave mesh network to the cottage which is about 175 feet from the Ring alarm base station. Unfortunately, I can’t place the base station in the middle of the home. I do have a Ring gen 1 extender in line of sight about 30 feet away from the base station. I do have Z-Wave connectivity through the house on all levels, but it not reaching the cottage. I don’t believe another Ring Extender will fix the problem. can I use The Aeotec Range Extender 6 or 7 which works with Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus networks and works both as a range extender and a signal repeater? thanks for any help.

Hi @TheRinger1. The only devices that are certified to work with Ring would be the Ring Alarm devices we have listed on the website. A 3rd party extender would not work. Also, the Ring Alarm System is intended to protect a home as opposed to multiple building across great distances. This type of setup exceeds the capabilities of the Ring Alarm system due to the amount of environmental interference. I hope this information helps.

Hi. Thanks fir the reply. I would not say there is great distances. The cottage is basically where the detached garage would be. I want to alarm my shed but can’t seem to so that either. The office and shed are detached but less them 130
Feet from the base station. I can’t imagine I am the only one with this issue.