3rd Gen StickUp Cam - Notifications/No Video

Hello. I have been having issues with (2) 3rd gen StickUp cams that are both detecting motion but no video is recorded therefore I don’t receive notifications from them. Both are running the firmware version: cam-1.16.12700

I have tried factory resetting both of the cameras. I tried the troubleshooting steps online. I’ve called and talked to two techs over the phone and basically did the same troubleshooting steps that were posted online. Nothing helped at the time.

Now at a little over two months when these two camera just stopped working correctly I’m still having issues with them and they both are useless. I’ve already taken one of them offline. What needs to be done to correct this issue? Can they be exchanged for something that works?

Technical support said they would contact me but that has not happened. I’m trying to be patient with this issue but at this point I feel like this issue should have been addressed much sooner.

As you can see…motion is being detected but from what I see if it doesn’t record the video I don’t receive notifications. If two cameras can detect the motion but not record and then send me notifications then this is a concern.


Hi @Atrocity79. Thank you for sharing this information. This is the Ring Community where other neighbors, I, or other members of my team can offer basic troubleshooting steps for certain issues. Since you mentioned you have done the basic troubleshooting steps found online, the next best step would be to continue working with our support team to further investigate your concern and address any other questions you may have. You can also reach out to our support team on social media by sending a private message to @Ring on Facebook or sending a direct message to @Ring on Twitter.

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