3rd Gen Ring stickup camera plug in and pan-tilt combo not working together

The camera works and is installed on my app but when I connect it to the pan-tilt mount, the app doesn’t go into setup mode and I can’t use the pan-tilt function. The camera still works. Am I missing a step? Any advice?

Hi @bonomarine. Try performing a reset on the camera. You can do this by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds, then releasing. This should allow you to reconnect the camera to WiFi, where you can then use the Pan Tilt Mount. Let me know if this helps!

I have the same issue tried deleting and reinstalling the app, disconnected and reconnected the camera , was on the phone with support and still not working, when it goes into calibration setup it fails every time , I just bought this brand new on prime day and the camera works but the pan tilt mount does not work. When first plugged in it goes thru it’s motions left right up down. They supposedly opened a ticket but still have not heard anything

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I just got off the phone with technical support for the same issue. We have two stickup cams with pan/tilt mounts. The first was setup months ago and worked correctly until a week ago. The second one we received today and have not been able to successfully get pan/tilt to work. Both cameras are setup in the app and all features and settings work except for the pan/tilt. Viewing the cameras through Ring’s website does not even give me the option to rotate either of the cameras. I have tried all troubleshooting suggestions such as making sure there are no obstacles, resetting cameras, deleting and re-add cameras to the app, changing Wi-Fi bands and reinstalling the Ring App. The app is updated, my iPhone is using the latest IOS and the firmware on both cameras is up to date. This is clearly a problem with either the Ring App or system and not a device problem since numerous customers are all experiencing the same issue. I hope it is resolved soon.


Did you ever get this resolved?? I’m having the same problem…

Having same issue and it recently started on both my PTZ camera. Very frustrating!

I have the same issue! Tell me it’s the ring app could not catch up with iOS updates ! Otherwise I have done everything! Pls ring …. Fix this software issue! For the meantime I just sitting duck with my cams and won’t able to look around elsewhere ! Or need a refund /replacement

Just had contact with ring Netherlands, Europe. Aware of the problem, working on it.
As we say in Holland (well, not in English ofcourse) “now we wait…”.

Add my name to the list. I bought the battery stick up and pan tilt and it didn’t work. Thinking it might be something with the combination of battery cam and pan tilt I ordered a powered stick up and that failed as well. Each time it times out in the “calibration” step. I tried it on iPad and Android - same result. I went through reset and reinstallation - same result. I bought yet another pan tilt thinking maybe I got a bad one but nope that doesn’t work with either camera after several attempts. Really hope there’s a resolution to this but for now I’m probably going to return everything to Amazon as defective.

Have two PT mount stick up cameras that worked fine up until about 2, maybe 3 days ago. Have tried everything others have mentioned to no avail. Very disappointing to have paid additional cost for hardware that is no longer operable. Contemplating return if no resolution is found soon.

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Rebooted the camera again this morning. It ran through calibration and the pan and tilt began working as expected.

still not working after reboot

ok I rebooted the the stick up cam and I rebooted my iPhone 13 and it started to work. can someone else try to ensure this works for them but my question is why do we have to keep rebooting our phones to get this work? Also once you close the app and go back into it same thing happens but if you reboot your phone it works again but once you close or leave the app nothing. Ring needs to fix that or I am returning all cameras.

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Unplugged and replugged both my stick ups and restarted my iPhone 12. The pan and tilt did its range movement but still no response from the app when I hit the buttons. Oddly, I was actually able to get it to work a couple times earlier today but very inconsistent and mostly not working.

Just got one of my camera PT to work. Switched out of live mode. Tried my other camera, no go. Went back to the one that just worked. No go again.

I did the same thing. Rebooted my iPhone 13 and the base with camera on it and was able to finally get through the calibration portion of setting the home position. Once done, I was able to control the camera’s pan and tilt function.

Important step: Rebooting just the camera and base didn’t work. I had to reboot my device (iPhone 13) as well to get it to resolve the issue.

BUT! As discovered. If you get out of the app the buttons stop working again…

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This morning nothing worked. Came home tonight and both working fine now. Have done nothing in between this time to either of the cameras or my Android phone. :confused:

Hi neighbors. I’ve notified my team about your concerns and this issue is actively being investigated. When more information becomes available, I’ll be sure to let you know. We appreciate your patience and if you have any more questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask. For the time being, I’m marking this comment as a solution, so other neighbors can easily know that we are working on your Pan Tilt mount concerns. Thanks, neighbors!

I was able to resolve the issue by removing the camera from the pan/tilt base then plugging in the power directly into the camera. I then held the yellow button for a few seconds. Once in the setup mode I ran the add device wizard from the app.
The camera pulled down an update and once done with the update I plugged everything back in like I had it (connected power to pan/tilt base then plugged camera back into pan/tilt).
Once I did this process and had the update installed all is working just fine.

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Hey neighbors. Thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve this concern. The Pan Tilt Mount for your Stick-Up Cam should be functioning as intended at this time. Simply follow the on-screen prompts in the Ring app to complete the setup and calibration for your Pan Tilt Mount. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks, neighbor!

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