3rd gen. ring outdoor camera shows low battery and offline while there is power supply via wired connection

My outdoor ring camera was working perfectly fine with a continuous wired power supply. It has no battery attached. In the app, the setting is in wired mode. Now recently it says low battery, the battery needs to be charged and shows offline. I checked the wired power, it was ok, but couldn’t understand why it says low battery and no more accepts power from the wired connection. Spoke with the ring customer service. they told me to reset it. It wouldn’t reset. I plugged back the battery to the ring camera & it works, even though the setting in the ring app "power mode is Wired. The movement I remove the battery it goes offline. Check the wired connection with the voltage detector and it’s perfectly ok. So I don’t understand now what has happened to the camera to work only with the battery. Seems like some problem with the software update. Since my camera is under warranty i am replacing the camera & hoping the new one I receive works with a wired power supply.
Anybody experiencing similar problem and found a solution do comment

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I am currently experiencing the same issue. I hope support will advise what is happening.

Hey neighbors. I’ve addressed this concern in this thread here. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have the same problem as of 2 weeks ago and the battery depletes in 3 days…6 months says ring…yeah BS buncha crap. this product just sucks…whatever ring did in the last month messed everyone up big time.