3G Mobile backup?

My profound apologies I assume this as most likely been covered but at the moment my phone is not searching the Forum too well. I was wondering exactly whose 3G mobile back up system does my ring alarm system use when it’s not connected to Wi-Fi? From the little bit I read am I to assume that 3G mobile backup is covered by Ring only for protect plan customers? This definitely doesn’t affect my cell phone data usage does it LOL? I need to install the system stand alone in a building that does not yet have Wi-Fi but do it I’m hoping to get Wi-Fi connected within the next month or two . Currently I am receiving normal notifications so I assume that’s from what’s left of my protect plan trial? Thanks so much for your patience and replies

Its managed by Ring - you pay for it as part of the protect plan. Nothing to do with your own phone - it has its own sim card.

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