30 - 40False Motion Alarms per Day!

So we get all excited about this doorbell purchase. First one keeps going off-line. Each time you have to take it off and hit the orange reset button. After a few months, called Ring “Support” to complain. No problem ma’am, see if you upgrade to the Ring Doorbell 2, the reset button is on the front and you won’t have to keep taking the faceplate off to reset (found later this is not true). So, I upgrade. Pay $100 AGAIN for installation of the Ring 2.

The Ring 2 rings alright! 3- 40 times a day all day and night every day and night! There is no one at the door. Reduced sensivitiy to nearly zero, AND cut off the left and right zones - so basically you have to be nearly standing inside my doorway to be within the zone where your movement would be noticed. STILL the darn thing goes off 3, 4 5 in the morning - 11, 12 at night and all during the day. We have it connected to Alexa, which we have several throughout the house so all you hear all day and night is “Motion detected at the front door”! OMG! it’s maddening! so we shut it off - now it’s not serving the purpose for which it was purchased.

I call Ring back again. “All we have to do is reset it ma’am”. AGAIN, off with the Faceplate, hit the reset button. Barely get back inside the house before its sounding false motion alarms!

So I call them back again - they offer to send a replacement. Ok so this will be my 3rd one, are you going to reimburse me for the installation? I’m a older woman, a senior citizen, I don’t know how to install this darn thing! Well they refuse - “well I’m so sorry ma’am, but we don’t have any way to do that” - as a matter of fact, she chuckled!

I could go on but I’ll suffice to say I’m not at all happy and if i weren’t so financially invested in this thing, I’d rip it right off my front door!

A piece of junk as far as I am concerned!!

Hey @unhappycustomer. I apologize that the experience you have had has not be up to par. Our goal is to make every neighbor happy with their product and feeling safe and secure in their home. It’s possible we may need to look into a couple settings you have for the Doorbell right now that may need to be adjusted, along with where it’s positioned.

Just to better assist the neighbors in the Community with your concern, could you please detail out how you have your Motion Wizard settings (Under Motion Settings) set to (answers to the questions you go through in the app)? Additionally, could you attach a link to one of the videos that you are getting that is a false motion recording? Knowing what the video looks like that is setting off your camera to record will help us out greatly. You can do this by going into your event history, selecting any of the videos that fits this bill, and clicking any of the options to share. When you share it via text message or email, it will generate a url in the body of the message. That will be the URL we need in order to see what you’re seeing.

Hope to hear back from you soon! :slight_smile: