3 Plus with Chime: where to put the resistor?

I have a mechanical (solenoid operated) chime, powered off a 24VAC transformer. I want to install a 3 Plus video doorbell. The instructions say to install a 25 ohm 50 watt resistor inline with one wire. One wire from the current button connects to the chime; the other connects to the transformer. Does it matter which wire gets the resistor?

Hey @Anon_Y_Mous! By any chance are you looking at these instructions? As you mentioned having the Doorbell 3 Plus, a resistor is not required for these models. Check out our help center article stating the difference between Doorbell 3 and other models, in respects to diode and resistors. It is possible the instructions you are seeing are for another model, but let us know if not, as we want to ensure our information is accurate for our neighbors. :slight_smile:

I’m looking at the booklet included with my product: “ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus”. In “Section 3: Install your Video Doorbell”, on page 12, it says in the top footnote: “If wiring directly to a doorbell transformer, connect a 25 ohm, 50W wirewound resistor in series with one of the doorbell wires to protect your Video Doorbell.”

Also, this is not an electronic chime : it is electro-mechanical, with two solenoids that become electromagnets to pull in and release plungers that strike metal bars. These pull more current than an electronic chime.

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Thank you for that clarification, @Anon_Y_Mous! You’ll be happy to hear, you’ve done everything correctly and should not need to install anything further for intended operation. The instructions for a resistor is intended for when you have nothing else wired within the wiring configuration for your Video Doorbell (direct to transformer/ only transformer). As you have a mechanical chime kit in use with your Video Doorbell, a resistor will not be needed.

Thanks for the info. Wish that was in the book. Also wish I’d thought a little bit more – there will be no power running through the doorbell circuit to recharge the battery until the button is pushed! And only for as long as the button is held in. Ordered the solar charger …