3 loud beeps when alert closes

On the Mac OS app when a video alert pops up and closes on it’s own, there are 3 loud beeps after the window automatically closes. In the Mac Notifications prefs, I have no alerts enabled for Ring and have the audio notifications turned off. Doesn’t matter; still get the 3 loud beeps. The audio level of the beeps is incredibly loud and is independent of my Mac volume settings. This happens on one Mac, but doesn’t happen on another that I have. Settings in the Ring app and the Mac Notifications are identical. Any ideas?

Hey @huggi001. If possible, could you obtain a recording on this happening? Whether it’s recorded from your phone or by a screen recording on your Mac, I would love to hear what these three beeps are so we could isolate this further for you!

Here it is.

Another note; the computer audio is muted, but the beeps still come through.

  • Notifications in Mac OS system prefs for Ring are set to none;

  • Audio Output Device in Ring prefs is set to Default, which is the Mac main volume for computer audio.

Hey @huggi001. It sounds like whatever you have as your main audio output device set to as your default can still have some sound pushed through to it and may not be truly muted. The three loud beeps that you are hearing are in reference to the Live View timing out and turning itself off. This is by design, as the Live View is restricted to a max of 10 minutes of live streaming, and then we must alert you that it has been disconnected by the announcement of those beeps. For the feedback on having this turned off and not having these beeps, I’ve passed on this feedback to the rest of the team for you!

I would recommend going under your Ring app on the Mac > Ring > Preferences at the top > and then changing your audio output device to not be default, but instead put it to whatever speakers/system that is hooked up that you know has the sound turned off (like speakers that are off), therefore that it does not play through the Mac’s default, built in speakers. I hope this helps out and thank you again for your feedback! :slight_smile:

I finally realized what it was that makes the Mac in my home office beep three times when I’m not even there. It’s annoying that this overrides the Mac’s mute settings. Sound shouldn’t be going out the default Mac speaker at all, period, when the system is muted. I don’t know any other app that feels it can override the user’s mute choice this way. Please fix that, thanks.


The only fix was to delete the ring app.


i have the same problem. its annoying

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Any fix to this? I have had this problem for a while and it made me stop using the Mac app. I was hoping it would have been fixed by now, but no.

I’m having the same issue here. The beeps are LOUD and makes the Mac app unusable. I don’t care about the stream timing out. I can see the window disappear. Please add an option to disable. Also, there is nothing in Ring preferences as referenced by @Chelsea_Ring . All I see when I go to prefs are “show status in menu bar” and “mini-alerts when app is in background”. I’m using latest version: 2.8.2 (808)