3 gen Battery/solar cam- battery drains because it is too cold outside!

So I spent a bunch of money adding a solar powered stick up cam. Spent hours putting panel and camera up. Only to have battery drain in 12 hours. Ring sent a new battery. took 27 days to get here. same problem. So ring sent another camera. same issue. come to find out, if it is cold outside the battery doesnt charge well, and if it really cold, like zero, the battery quits. This is according to ring articles that their tech support does not think about sharing.

So I am left with running power and realizing I spent 50 bucks more for the solar that doesnt work-actually the battery doesnt work. I am about to call ring and see if they will send me a power supply … I doubt they will take the solar panel back. We shall see.

Beware= the batteries do NOT work in the cold (or really hot) per their articles.

FRANKLY most of the USA gets cold in the winter OR hot in the summer. Avoid batteries and avoid hassels.

Sorry to hear about this, neighbor. Batteries can be impacted by various factors, from usage to temperature. Check out our Community post about Battery Drain, which mentions cold weather and other factors that can be known to drain batteries quicker. If the location of your Camera is exposed to extreme temperatures or very cold temperatures that exceed the operating requirements of our battery powered devices, -5°F to 120°F (-20.5°C to 48.5°C), one of our wired or voltage powered devices might be a better solution for this area. I hope this helps!

I have contacted customer service today about the same issue. I have had my two stick up cameras with panels attached all year without a single hiccup. Suddenly since the last firmware my batteries drained and died. And die daily now as well. No setting changes on my end. The rep indicatd their batteries dont work well below freezing ( it has not been below freezing but one day). My question is why does Ring not stand behind their prodcuts, this renders my cameras useless during all of winter here in Virginia (east side not mountain side so mild winter). I asked why this information is not provided up front anywhere to customers, had I known this I would have made a different decision on what products I went with (AKA not ring). THese are OUTDOOR cameras, they should be made for all the elements, or else DISCLOSE this !!